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UMR PHIM (CIRAD, INRAE, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro, Univ.Montpellier)

Plant Health Institute of Montpellier

Among the interactions between the plant and its environment (microbial organisms or insects, whether pathogenic or beneficial), the research unit studies those that have an impact on plant health, growth and productivity. The unit is organized in 4 research departments:
  • Plant-pathogen interactions (ITEM)
  • Plant-vector-pathogen interactions (VIROM)
  • Towards an understanding of the phytobiome (PHYTOBIOM)
  • Understanding epidemics in the field (PRISM)
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Sep 30, 2021
Reshetnyak, Ganna; Jacobs, Jonathan M.; Auguy, Florence; Sciallano, Coline; Claude, Lisa; Medina, Clemence; Perez-Quintero, Alvaro J.; Comte, Aurore; Thomas, Emilie; Bogdanove, Adam; Koebnik, Ralf; Szurek, Boris; Dievart, Anne; Brugidou, Christophe; Lacombe, Severine; Cunnac, Sebastien, 2021, "Supplementary information and source code for "An atypical class of non-coding small RNAs produced in rice leaves upon bacterial infection"",, DataSuds, V2
This dataset contains additional supporting information and source code related to the discovery of Xanthomonas-induced small RNAs (xisRNAs) as described in the Related Publication. Deep small RNA (sRNA) sequencing analysis discovered a class of sRNA in rice (Oryza sativa) specif...
Apr 22, 2021 - LMI PathoBios
Barro, Mariam; Tollenaere, Charlotte; Wonni, Issa; Kassankogno, Itolou Abalo; Sereme, Drissa, 2021, "Spatiotemporal survey of major rice diseases in western Burkina Faso",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:cOi1B77EUelpAGcUzEjhog== [fileUNF]
The study area is located in western Burkina Faso, in a 100x100kms region within the three provinces Houet, Kénédougou and Comoé, in the sudanian bioclimatic area. Major study sites correspond to three geographical zone (Bama, Banzon and Karfiguela), each of these zones presentin...
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