Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations

Le CBGP développe des recherches en systématique, génétique, écologie et évolution des populations et des communautés d'organismes d'intérêt en agronomie, santé humaine et biodiversité. Les petits mammifères, rongeurs en particulier, et les arthropodes, insectes en particulier, sont les modèles biologiques principaux étudiés dans l'unité. L’objectif du CBGP est de caractériser la diversité de ces organismes, d’en comprendre la structure et les facteurs qui la modifient afin d’en prédire l’évolution dans un contexte de changements globaux. Le CBGP conduit une recherche de type académique tout en faisant en sorte que les résultats de ses programmes de recherche puissent déboucher sur l’élaboration de scénarios ou d’outils d’aide à la décision pour la gestion des bioagresseurs ou la préservation d’espèces menacées.
CBGP carries out research in the fields of systematics, genetics and ecology relevant to the management of populations and communities of organisms for the purposes of agriculture, public health and biodiversity. CBGP aims to characterize the diversity of these organisms, to understand structure and factors which modify them, to predict their evolution in a context of global changes. The CBGP leads academic researches while making so that the results of research programs can drive to the elaboration of scenarios or decision-making tools dedicated to the management of pest and diseases or the conservation of endangered species.
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Jan 26, 2024
Brouat, Carine; Fossati, Odile; Sarr, Nathalie; Dalecky, Ambroise, 2024, "Commensal small mammal trapping data in Northern Senegal, 2011-2014", https://doi.org/10.23708/EI4APL, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:hXm+1PHo1Uza6zupa8hXvQ== [fileUNF]
Data were collected as part of the ANR project ENEMI, which aimed at investigating the role of parasitism and immunology in the invasion success of the house mouse Mus musculus domesticus in Senegal. They were issued from 6 field campaigns conducted between November 2011 and July...
Nov 17, 2023
Granjon, Laurent; Fossati, Odile, 2020, "Commensal small mammal trapping data in Southern Senegal, 2012-2015", https://doi.org/10.23708/PQTQDA, DataSuds, V5, UNF:6:zoxxA3lfKeeu8etAwtMubQ== [fileUNF]
As part of projects aimed at studying 1) the role of invasive black rat populations in the emergence of zoonotic diseases in Southeastern Senegal, and 2), the evolutionary consequences of parasites in R. rattus and M. musculus invasions in Senegal, we conducted a series of field...
Nov 17, 2023
Granjon, Laurent; Bâ, Khalilou; Niang, Youssoupha; Papillon, Yves; Duplantier, Jean-Marc, 2023, "Mastomys erythroleucus Capture-Mark-Recapture data in Bandia (Senegal) between 1984 and 2012", https://doi.org/10.23708/YEA5AR, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:BE7oQtOGlS1g4WKqIiICHg== [fileUNF]
Long-term ecological data are of paramount importance to document the effects of global changes on biodiversity. The site of Bandia, 70km southeast of Dakar in western Senegal, has been the scene of numerous ecological studies since the 1970s. The « Bandia forest » was classified...
Apr 23, 2020
Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations, 2024, "CBGP - Small mammal Collection", https://doi.org/10.15454/WWNUPO
An international reference collection of small mammals The collection was created by INRA in the 1930’s in Jouy-en-Josas, and was then fed with dead of living specimens, as well as tissue and DNA/RNA samples by researchers from INRA and IRD. Now located in Montpellier, this world...
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