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L’ entrepôt de données DataSuds propose aux scientifiques de l’IRD et à leurs partenaires un service pour préserver, diffuser et valoriser leurs données de recherche en facilitant leur identification, leur référencement et leur citation. En tant que plateforme de publication de données, il constitue l'un des éléments du dispositif de la Science Ouverte pour le Sud que promeut l’IRD.

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Mar 24, 2023 - UMR PHIM
Billard, Estelle; Thomas, Emilie; Perez, Manon; Boyer, Pascaline; Tollenaere, Charlotte, 2023, "Pathogenic diversity of rice yellow mottle virus isolates from western Burkina Faso (2015-2021): phenotypic evaluation data",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:s6z/ab1uEzE8BGyoZ906Dw== [fileUNF]
The rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) constitutes a major threat to the actual development of rice cultivation in Africa. As climate change and agricultural intensification increase the risk of epidemics, there is an urgent need to understand the spatio-temporal dynamics of RYMV at...
Mar 23, 2023 - LMI PathoBios
Barro, Mariam; Sérémé, Drissa; Bangratz, Martine; Kassankogno, Itolou Abalo; Wonni, Issa; Poulicard, Nils; Tollenaere, Charlotte, 2023, "Yellow mottle disease epidemiology: RYMV specific detection in field-collected leaves from western Burkina Faso (2015-2019)",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:QdAkQ0xLZwp669pBgerjJg== [fileUNF]
This project aims at a better understanding of yellow mottle disease epidemiology, both at the regional level, by comparing irrigated areas to rainfed lowland rice, and at the within-field level. The study area is located in western Burkina Faso, in a 100x100kms region within the...
UMR LEGOS(CNES, CNRS, IRD, Univ.Toulouse III - Midi-Pyrénées Observatory)
Mar 22, 2023
Laboratory of Space Geophysical and Oceanographic Studies (LEGOS joint research unit) The LEGOS research and teaching scientific fields include oceanography and the water cycle in the broadest sense, with the physics of the oceanic, hydrological, cryospheric and atmospheric compo...
Mar 16, 2023 - UMR IGE
Rodrigues Do Amaral, Francisco; Nguyen, Trung Tin; Gratiot, Nicolas; Pellarin, Thierry, 2023, "High-resolution water level and discharge measurements from the Saigon-Dong Nai estuary system, Vietnam, 2022",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:mWcp4LMDvHYz+oaLv15f4w== [fileUNF]
Water level and discharge data contribute to environmental protection and help management agencies with a more reliable forecasting of river water levels and better decision making by researchers and policy makers regarding urban flooding and dam management. Water level measureme...
Mar 15, 2023 - UMR HydroSciences Montpellier
Finaud-Guyot, Pascal; Guilliod, Maurice; Guinot, Vincent; Marchand, Pierre; Neppel, Luc; Salles, Christian; Toulemonde, Gwladys, 2023, "Rainfall data collected by the HSM urban observatory OMSEV (2019-)",, DataSuds, V1
The rainfall gauge network is equipped with tipping buckets (DAVIS Rain Collector 6465M, resolution 0.2mm). The collecting area is 214 cm². The raw data, corresponding to the number of tipping per minute, are UT referenced. A static and dynamic calibration was carried out followi...
Mar 15, 2023 - UMR LEMAR
DESCHAMPS Anne; TITO DE MORAIS Luis, 2023, "EPURE 2 cruise,Antea R/V",
Leg3 (07/11 au 17/11) : Mesure des sédiments mis en suspension et déposés par les courants en période de forte activité de l'upwelling marocain. Leg4 (18/11 au 11/12) : évaluer les concentrations de certains éléments trace dans l'eau et suivre une éventuelle augmentation, à chaqu...
This dataset is harvested from another repository. Clicking the link will take you directly to the source of the data.
Mar 14, 2023 - The Development Fabric Knowledge Deck
Dada, Olusegun; Morand, Pierre; Louarn, Aubree; Angnuureng, Donatus Bapentire; Almar, Rafael, 2023, "Coastal Vulnerability: Perception survey in Anlo Beach (Ghana), 2021",, DataSuds, V1
The vulnerability of coastal territories has multiple dimensions, making it difficult to assess. One way of collecting data about the vulnerability of coastal areas is to interview people living on the coast. These communities have information on the coastal phenomena that occur...
DFK Lab - Travaux pratiques, formations, essais... logo
Mar 14, 2023The Development Fabric Knowledge Deck
Travaux pratiques, formations, essais... Utiliser Dataverse pour déposer des données (jeux de données non publiés). Liens utiles Mode d'emploi de Dataverse en français Choisir une licence Creative Commons Guide de relecture d'un jeu de données avant publication Auto-évaluer votre...
Mar 7, 2023 - Project ANR PI2P
Rebaudo, Francois; Sokame, Bonoukpoè Mawuko; Obonyo, Julius Ochieng; Calatayud, Paul-André, 2023, "Climatic dataset from ICIPE, Nairobi, Kenya, 2022",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:0u3zmmXI4vosyCHfqjp3NQ== [fileUNF]
This dataset corresponds to climate data for the year 2022 at ICIPE, Nairobi, Kenya. The data includes temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure in three separate CSV files with approximately one measurement every minute. The first column indicates the date and time in...
Mar 7, 2023 - UMR LEMAR
OUGIER, Sandra; BACH, Pascal; LE LOC'H, François; AUBIN, Joël; GASCUEL, Didier, 2023, "A multidimensional dashboard dataset on tropical tuna fishing fleet in Atlantic and Indian Oceans",
This data includes indicators estimated in a multicriteria dashboard applied to assess sustainability of tropical tuna fisheries in Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The objective of this work was to test a multidimensional approach, accounting for the ecological, economic and social d...
This dataset is harvested from another repository. Clicking the link will take you directly to the source of the data.
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