Geoazur Laboratory (Laboratoire Géoazur)

Multidisciplinary joint research unit comprising geophysicists, geologists, and astronomers working on crucial scientific issues such as: telluric hazards – seismic, gravitational and tsunamigenic events – and related risks; lithosphere dynamics and Earth imaging; geodesy and metrology of the Earth and the nearby universe.
Due to the multi-agency environment, Geoazur actions cover simultaneously: basic and applied research, permanent observation within the framework of national services, instrument development, international scientific cooperation, including supporting developing countries for research and training, education and training programs for students, knowledge dissemination.
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May 2, 2024 - LMI CARIBACT
Bathelemy, Ralph; Brigode, Pierre; Andréassian, Vazken; Perrin, Charles; Moron, Vincent; Gaucherel, Cédric; Tric, Emmanuel; Boisson, Dominique, 2023, "Simbi database: historical hydro-meteorological time series and catchment attributes in Haiti, 1905-2005",, DataSuds, V5
Haiti is highly exposed to hydro-climatic hazards. However, no database exists for the scientific community to characterize these hazards. To fill this gap, hydro-climatic data were compiled to create the first historical database in Haiti. This database, called Simbi, will contr...
Oct 25, 2023
Durand, Virginie; Mangeney, Anne; Bernard, Pascal; Jia, Xiaoping; Bonilla, Fabian; Satriano, Claudio; Saurel, Jean-Marie; Aissaoui, El Madani; Peltier, Aline; Ferrazzini, Valérie; Kowalski, Philippe; Lauret, Frédéric; Brunet, Christophe; Hibert, Clément, 2023, "2007-2017 Rockfall Catalog of Piton de la Fournaise",, IPGP Research Collection
This dataset comprises a 10-year-long (2007-2017) catalog of rockfalls occurring in the Piton de la Fournaise volcano crater. The catalog is presented and analyzed in Durand et al.: Repetitive small seismicity coupled with rainfall can trigger large slope instabilities on metasta...
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