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Oct 18, 2021 - ECOTERM
Muon, R.; Ann, V.; Ket, P.; Sebag, D.; Aroui Boukbida, H.; Podwojewski, P.; Jouquet, P., 2021, "Influence of termites on soil properties in paddy fields in Chrey Bak Catchment, Cambodia, 2019",, DataSuds, V2
Soil analyses describing the chemical and physical properties of termite mounds (TM), termite nests built by Macrotermes gilvus and the surrounding control soil. Samples came from paddy fields sampled in the Chrey Bak catchment, Cambodia. The sampling procedure and methods are de...
Apr 9, 2021
Tran Minh, T.; Vu Manh, Q.; Tran Thi Minh T.,; Vu Hong, H.; Zaiss, R; Jouquet, P., 2021, "Outcome of the workshop about prospects and knowledge needs for improving soil organic carbon in Vietnam, 5 July 2019",, DataSuds, V1
This dataset holds the outcome of the regional workshop prospects and knowledge needs for improving soil organic carbon in Vietnam. The workshop was organized at the Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI) on July 5th 2019 with the support of CIRCASA and IRD office in Han...
Apr 2, 2021 - ECOTERM
Muon, R.; Ann, V.; Bureau-Point, E.; Sok, K.; Savouré, A.; Wieringa, F.; Berger, J.; Diene, B.; Chassagne, F.; Audibert, M.; Zaiss, R.; Azomahou, T.; Ket, P.; Jouquet, P., 2021, "Results of a survey describing the utilization of termite mounds by the population in Cambodia in 2021",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:Ij6rDZTWUiWR3t4aFJBblg== [fileUNF]
This dataset comes from a survey carried out in Chrey Back long term observatory (Cambodia). 61 persons from 13 villages located in Chrey Back watershed were interviewed in order to understand the local perception of the utilization of termite mounds. The dataset describes the qu...
Feb 9, 2021
Jouquet, P.; Aroui, H.; Henry-des-Tureaux, T.; Podwojewski, P.; Garcia Ibarra, F.; Labiadh, M., 2019, "Impact of soil biodiversity in Southern Tunisia in 2019",, DataSuds, V3, UNF:6:fN18iGoTDJjvUuxjh0uhnA== [fileUNF]
Measure of the impact of soil biodiversity (termites, ants, rodents) on soil properties (soil bulk density, water hydraulic conductivity, particle size distribution, C content, spectral signature in the infrared region by FTIR) in a semi-arid area in the south of Tunisia (region...
Feb 8, 2021
Jouquet, P.; Harit, A.; Tiago, C.; Donoso, D.; da Cunha, H.F.; Eldridge, D.; Choosai, C.; Janeau, J-L.; van Thuyne, J.; Maingan, A.; Pinzon Florian, O. P.; Malam Issa, O.; Labiadh, M.; Muon, R.; Ann, V.; Cheik, S.; Fall, S.; Traoré, S.; Chouvenc, T.; Tran Minh, T.; Auclerc, A.; Huot, H.; Sillam-Dussès, D.; Dupont, S., 2021, "Dataset describing soil sheeting properties produced by termites sampled in 21 countries from 2015 to 2020",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:nc+mT0afNrDnA8oV7RveEQ== [fileUNF]
Dataset describing sheeting properties made by termites (names, and feeding and building categories are given) sampled in 34 study sites, including M-Tropics observatories, from 19 countries. Data coming from 15 published studies are also given, for a total of 49 sites and 21 cou...
Jan 11, 2021
Harit, A.K.; Ramasamy, E.V.; Babu, N.; Pillai, R.M.J.; Bottinelli, N.; Cheik, S.; Jouquet, P., 2021, "Comparison of the nest organization and soil properties of Microcerotermes pakistanicus and Odontotermes obesus constructions in the Western Ghats, India",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:TFCDUVJ53T+bMWJbWKmBhg== [fileUNF]
Dataset describing the soil properties (termite nests and sheetings) and nest organization of two common species in Kerala, India: Odontotermes obesus and Microcerotermes pakistanicus. Soil properties included: pH, electrical conductivity (uS cm-1), soil particle size distributio...
Sep 23, 2020
Janeau, J.-L.; Chanisara, R.; Grellier, S.; Hammecker, C.; Intanon, S.; Khwanrawee, A.; Pansak, W., 2020, "Dataset from an in-field experimental rainfall simulation – Thailand, Nan Province, 2019",, DataSuds, V1
In North Thailand land use/-cover change quickly especially in steep agrosystem land. Under rainfall simulation, we are looking at the effect of the topographic situation along the slope and catena using 24 microplots of 1m2 each located down, middle, up and top of the slope. We...
Sep 23, 2020
Janeau, J.-L.; Giillard L.-C.; Grellier, S.; Jouquet, P.; Le Thi Phuong Quynh; Ngo Quoc Anh; Orange, D.; Pham Dinh Rinh; Tran Duc Toan; Tran Si Hai; Trinh Anh Duc; Valentin, C.; Rochelle-Newall, E., 2020, "Dataset from an in-field experimental rainfall simulation - soil erosion, dissolved organic carbon and nutrient losses - Vietnam, Hanoi Province, Dong Cao, 2011-2013",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:PMaunDbzpVKyejJ0nrP1Xw== [fileUNF]
The export of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from agricultural soils can represent an important path-way of soil organic carbon loss. Here we present the data of a series of rain simulation experiments aimed at examining DOC export from sloping lands in North Vietnam. Three regul...
Sep 23, 2020
Janeau, J.-L.; Jouquet, P.; Pisano, A.; Tran Si Hai; Orange, D.; Luu Thi Nguyet Minh; Valentin, C., 2020, "Dataset from an in-field experimental rainfall simulation - Influence of macrofauna on runoff and erosion - Vietnam, Hanoi Province, Dong Cao, March 2011",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:pfNxEbAktmu+jFiGn1l9/w== [fileUNF]
We assessed the effect of the micro-relief generated by earthworms and termites on soil hydrodynamic properties, and soil and nutrient losses. Eighteen 1 m×1 m plots were established for rainfall simulation experiments (2 runs of 40 min rain, intensity 90 mm h−1) in a steep slope...
Sep 23, 2020
Huong T. Le; Cuong T. Ho; Quan H. Trinh; Duc A. Trinh; Minh T. N. Luu; Hai S. Tran; Orange, D.; Janeau, J.-L.; Merroune, A.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Pommier, T., 2020, "Dataset from an in-field experimental rainfall simulation and aquatic mesocosm - Vietnam, Hanoi Province, Dong Cao and Cua Khau Lake, 2012",, DataSuds, V1, UNF:6:PLsbMub7iE/vkMMtCIpyLw== [fileUNF]
In North Vietnam, we focused on understanding the effects of DOC runoff from soils amended with compost, vermicompost, or biochar on the aquatic microbial community of a tropical reservoir. Runoff collected from a series of rainfall simulations on soils amended with different org...
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